Why Are You Scared of Men?

[Trigger warning: Rape culture, Misogyny, Sexism, Heterosexism, Cissexism, and just general gross behaviour.]

So, trying to figure out why I might be afraid of Heterosexual Cismen. I’ve compiled a list of quotes, these are real life quotes, said by real life straight cismen, to me, or around me. Some of these are “jokes”, but that doesn’t make them better.

“Let’s not turn this rape charge into a murder charge.”

“She was seriously fucking pissing me off so I went and grabbed an ice-cube and shoved it inside her.”

“Ah, Duct Tape, it turns ‘no, no, no’ into ‘mm, mm, mm’.”

“I knew a girl who was gay once, at least until she realised how good sex with a man was.”

“You know what would be ironic? If you died ‘cause you were cock-smacked to death. You know, ‘cause you’re a dyke.”

“It’s a good thing she’s bi, ‘cause he’s such a fucking woman.”

“It sucks that you’re gay. You’d make a great girlfriend.”

“So he snapped the gay dude’s arm for touching him, awesome, right?”

“Fat chicks’ll do anything you want if you give them a little attention.”

Hey, I’ll give you extra experience points if you go wrestle with her and give her a hickey.”

Shouldn’t you be in the kitchen?”

Isn’t there a pie you should be baking?”

I’ve been trying to hit that for ages, I think she’s a dyke.”

I wouldn’t even be mad if my girlfriend cheated on me with a women, you have different sorts of relationships and shit.”

Lesbian stalker? Heh, that’s hot.”

He’s a man, he’s got needs. If she’s not gonna put out, what’s she expect him to do?”

I’m not homophobic or anything, but if my son was a fag, I’d kick him the fuck outta my house.”

Shouldn’t you be making me a sandwich?”

Yeah, to men there are only two types of women. Hot, or useless.”

Chicks just aren’t built to understand that stuff, you know?”

I thought gay chicks didn’t have sex. I mean women don’t really like it, right?”

I want a hot girlfriend, but hot chicks are so shallow, she’d never date an ugly guy like me.”

Shh, the men are talking.”

Haha, aww, she thinks she’s people. Haha.”